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Hi, I’m Carolyn Wonders. After a long corporate career, I went back to my roots as an artist and found myself buried under the weight of a life built around everything but art. My journey to become an artist again has affirmed my belief that art is not simply décor…


We need art like we need food. Imagine a world without music, murals, performances, dancing, and films! Art helps us make sense of ourselves and comforts us like a loyal companion. We are  craving the nourishment only art can provide.

Art speaks when words cannot

Art amplifies authentic voices

Art heals those who hurt

Art connects us to community

To feel connected to a work of art is one of the great human experiences and has the potential to infuse our life with meaning. When you fall in love with a performance, a painting, or a book, it’s often because you recognize yourself, perhaps validating something you couldn’t quite articulate.

Life is short.

Fill your life with things you love, the things that nourish you.

Living with art doesn't have to be expensive.



A lighthearted guide to finding art that jives with your aesthetic and budget.

Bringing new art into your home or workspace is a big decision! Should you buy an Artist Original, a Fine Art Print, or just a “regular” print? What if it doesn’t match the couch (spoiler alert: sell the couch!)?


It can be so overwhelming and stressful.Here’s a tip: Start with a pillow or scarf imprinted with the artwork before committing to a larger wall art. Live with it for a while, hang it on the wall in different places, and view it at different times of the day when the light changes. This will help you get a sense of whether it works in the room. It may also help you feel a sense of connection with the piece.


For more tips like this, download this lighthearted guide to help you find art you love, without all that stress. I’ll even show you how to use the latest technology on your smartphone to envision what the art will look like in your own space, then give you some pointers on positioning and hanging.

Got it! Check your email!

“I’ve been meaning to tell you that I received the painting and absolutely love it. The colors and light effects are so striking - you clearly put much love and care into it. I also enjoyed the process updates - it was fascinating to get a peek behind the scenes.”

~ Melissa Manwaring


The Blog

You won’t find any high-brow, artsy-fartsy musings here. Just my honest, unfiltered, unapologetic thoughts about art, life, the creative process, and my journey to find where I belong.


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