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Custom Portraits • Memorials • Branded Business Decor • Family Heirloom • Archival Materials • Museum Quality Canvas

What is a Commission?

In the art world, a commission is requesting an artist to create a custom work of art for personal or public display. Artists can be commissioned by individuals, governments, organizations, or businesses.

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I do a limited number of commissions because it takes time away from my core artistic focus. However, I absolutely love working with clients and these projects often inspire new ideas! My selection process is based on the suitability of the project, and the quality of the resource photos you supply. Don’t worry - I will always refer to other talented artists if I cannot take on your project.

How Commissions Work










  1. Describe your project in the application. Attach resource photos. 

  2. Once accepted, meet via Zoom to discuss details. 

  3. You receive 3 sketches or photo compositions for review. After approval, painting begins.

  4. Final art is presented via zoom, then prepared for shipping.

Things to keep in mind…


  • When you commission an artist, you are trusting their artistic decisions, not directing their artistic decisions. If you like my other work, you will love your custom painting. Before booking a commission, please review my style, color choices, and compositions on my current work. 


  • I will not paint from professional photographs. Professional photographers are artists. To copy their composition, color, style, etc. is theft. 


  • Provide many high quality reference photos. If the commission is a portrait, try to find photos of the subject with different facial expressions. Posed, smiling photos make the least interesting work.


  • A non-refundable 50% deposit is required upon signing and 50% upon completion. Shipping and handling is billed to the client without markup. 


  • Licensing The copyright to all commissioned works, including all reproduction rights, belong to the artist. 

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