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Value: Belonging to Myself

I took a transformative personal branding approach course last year called Personal Brand Accelerator. It was one of those life-changing opportunities where the more effort you invest, the greater the rewards. With my characteristic enthusiasm, I wholeheartedly embraced the course, immersing myself completely.

The course leader gave us a checklist of values to get started which was relatively easy for me - I’ve always known what I stand for on a larger scale. But then she pressed further: I was challenged to select just three values from the extensive list - three values that truly epitomize who I am in this moment, what is currently unfolding in my life, and what I am determined to prioritize right now.

This is where I hit a wall. Only THREE?

I delved into the depths of my being, questioning what I truly stand for and what I wholeheartedly believe in. I tirelessly labored over the list, refining and refining. After dedicating countless hours, I finally compiled a list of approximately 10 values or so.

In order to narrow my selection, I made the deliberate choice to sit down and put into words the meaning behind these 10 values. I wanted to define them according to my own understanding and perspective - what significance does each value hold for me personally?

In the end, I decided to play the Artist Card (meaning rules are guides), carefully selecting five, not three, core values that truly define who I am:

1. Belonging to myself

2. Empathy

3. Conviction

4. Humility

5. Accountability

This week, my attention is centered on the value that I refer to as Belonging to Myself. For the majority of my existence, I never truly embraced my authentic self. I found myself aimlessly wandering, desperately attempting to conform and blend in with the crowd. Dr. Brene Brown has shed light on this struggle, emphasizing that the moment you compromise your true identity to fit in, you lose your sense of belonging altogether. I finally comprehend the depth of that statement, and it has become a profound realization for me.

The Artist Carolyn Wonders and her Golden Shephard, Charlie Cooper giving her a toy



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Carolyn Wonders


Modern life with its social, political, and cultural debates leaves us all raw, triggered, and anxious. We are bombarded by rhetoric that is carefully chosen to obscure truth and advance agendas. I see art as a universal language that can transcend that which twists us into parrots of this rhetoric. Living with art you love and seeing through an artist’s eyes can help us see these superficial debates for what they are and get us in touch with what really matters.


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