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Immerse yourself in the "Artist's Glow" experience with Carolyn Wonders' timeless creations. This beautiful candle is presented in a clear glass jar with a silver lid, featuring a pure white soy blend wax and three wicks. The jar serves as a canvas for Carolyn Wonders' signature artistry, making each candle a distinctive masterpiece.


4 Amazing Scents: Choose from a selection of 4 amazing scents, each carefully curated for a clean burn that lasts up to 45 hours, filling your surroundings with a delightful and lasting fragrance.


French Lavender - Discover the idyll of Provence’s purple meadows in our calming French Lavender, sure to help take you away from the stresses of the day. 


Fresh Lilac - A soft, magical floral recalling the very essence of springtime, this delicate Fresh Lilac is simple, pure and honest.


Peony - Notoriously difficult to replicate, this one superbly represents the delightfully sweet and lively essence of these lavish pink blossoms. 


Eucalyptus Mint - Crisp notes of eucalyptus seamlessly entwined with cool, refreshing tones of mint clears the mind and rejuvenates the senses.

Artist's Glow 3-Wick Candle, Hidden Buddha

  • Triple Wick Brilliance:

    • Illuminate your space with the radiance of three wicks, creating a fast melt, a beautiful wax pool, and an inviting throw that permeates mid to large-sized rooms.

    Signature Artistry:

    • The jar showcases Carolyn Wonders' signature art, transforming it into a captivating objet d'art that brings a touch of creativity and serenity to any space.

    Reusable & Recyclable:

    • Embrace sustainability with a reusable and recyclable clear glass jar, embodying our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

    Crafted in the USA:

    • Experience unparalleled quality and consistency with candles crafted right here in the USA, utilizing lead-free cotton wicks for a highly fragrant and comparable alternative to well-known brands.
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