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Introducing the ArtWrap Hardcover Journal – where your thoughts find a canvas that's as visually captivating as it is inspiring. Crafted for those who are truly serious about their journaling journey, this 128-page hardcover masterpiece invites you to embrace the art of expression.

Dive into Creativity: With 128 ruled line pages (64 sheets) and a page paper weight of 90 gsm, each turn of the page is an opportunity to pen down your dreams, ideas, and musings. The ArtWrap Journal is not just a book; it's a sanctuary for your thoughts, an aspiring author's new best friend.

Aesthetic Allure: The one-size-fits-all dimension of 5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8 cm) makes it a versatile companion, whether you're jotting down notes on the go or indulging in a moment of creative reflection. The full wraparound print transforms the journal into a piece of art, showcasing your unique style from front to back.

Bound for Brilliance: Embrace the durability of casewrap binding, ensuring that every page remains securely in place. The ArtWrap Hardcover Journal is not just a journal; it's a testament to your commitment to creativity and self-expression.

Unleash your thoughts with the ArtWrap Hardcover Journal – where every word is framed by artistic inspiration.

Note: Immerse yourself in the creative journey; pen and imagination not included.



ArtWrap Hardcover Journal, Drifting Red

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