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A selection of Milwaukee artist Carolyn Wonders' art framed and hung on a wall.

Shipping Original Artwork

Each original artwork is unique and demands specific care based on its size, medium, fragility, and extraordinary value. Shipping art requires meticulous attention to ensure its safe delivery. Shipping costs vary based on the size and type of the artwork. Large pieces may incur higher shipping expenses compared to smaller or rolled canvas pieces.


I'll keep you informed throughout the shipping process, providing tracking details and expected delivery dates.


I use acid-free materials like archival paper, bubble wrap, and sturdy cardboard to protect your artwork from moisture, impacts, and temperature changes. Custom crates or specialized shipping boxes are employed for larger or valuable pieces.


All artworks are insured for their full value. While most carriers offer insurance, additional coverage from specialized art insurers might be considered for high-value or unique pieces.

Handling and Shipment

Packages are clearly labeled as fragile with handling instructions for carriers. Oversized items are shipped using specialized art transportation services to ensure safe delivery.


I maintain detailed records, including pre-shipping photographs, and provide tracking information promptly. Condition reports are available in case of any transit-related damages.

Shipping Methods

Depending on the artwork's size and complexity, I use domestic shipping on common carriers. For large and extra-large pieces, a specialized art transportation service handles transportation. International shipments are also managed through this third-party service.

Living room with a yellow couch and Carolyn Wonders' Art on the wall. Carolyn Wonders is a Milwaukee Artist. The art is entitled, "Night Lights"

Original Artwork Delivery Options

Pick Up in Milwaukee

You can pick your art up from the artist's gallery in the Marshall Building, Third Ward, Milwaukee, WI. By appointment only.

Common Carrier

Using a specialized crate box that protects the artwork from damage, common carriers are used up to x x x size.

Professional Art Handlers

I contract with professional art handlers who transport the work either door to door, or white glove service.

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