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Original Painting

April 13, 2024

Acrylic on Canvas


Size of Original

12 x 12 x 1.5 (all 3)

 from $92

from $20


Flora's Resurgence is a striking triptych of three square paintings, each a vibrant botanical abstract featuring hues of bright pink, orange, and various shades of green. With a tropical essence, these artworks exude vitality and renewal, capturing the essence of flourishing flora in full bloom. The flexibility in display — whether hung vertically, horizontally, or as standalone pieces — allows for dynamic arrangement, enhancing any space with their vivid colors and organic forms. Together, they harmonize to celebrate the resilience and beauty of nature's resurgence in the spring.


Original Work of Art

  • Handcrafted by the artist

  • Highest value, potential appreciation

  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity

  • Made with premium materials

  • Emotional connection

  • Supporting the arts, the artist

  • Shipping and delivery options

Fine Art Giclee Prints

  • Museum quality reproduction

  • Paper, canvas, metal, acrylic options

  • Advanced ink-jet technology

  • Premium archival materials

  • Tailored sizes - just ask

  • Numbered Prints and Limited Editions are occasionally available

Boutique Gift Shop

  • Affordable wall art

  • Canvas, metal, framed options

  • Bags, home decor, accessories, etc.

  • Totes, leather bags, backpacks

  • Ethical practices, no sweatshops

  • Sustainable materials, no junk

  • Handmade in the UK

Carolyn Wonders' artists' paintbrushes

Highest Quality Materials

Preserving Legacy


Archival-quality, acid-free natural cotton canvases meticulously stretched around 1.5" kiln-dried stretcher bars. Secured with splines for lasting tautness. Painting on all 4 edges.


I exclusively use GOLDEN paints renowned for their exceptional quality. These vibrant, filler-free paints ensure enduring, vivid hues that capture the artist's vision with remarkable depth and lasting brilliance. Trusted by artists globally, GOLDEN paints elevate artistic expression, delivering rich, enduring colors that stand the test of time.


After meticulous drying, I add an "isolation coat" of clear acrylic paint. This is followed by a layer of museum-grade satin varnish, adding an additional protective layer. The isolation coat safeguards the painting if the varnish ever requires renewal, ensuring its long-term preservation for future generations.

Interested in discussing the original with me?

Custom Framing

Meet John Wonders, an IT Project Manager and woodworking enthusiast who creates Fine Aspen Pine Floating Frames for Carolyn Wonders Art. John produces stunning custom frames that are a work of art in themselves. Each frame is made of high-quality Aspen Pine and coated with a protective water-based poly finish to ensure a silky smooth and polished look for your canvas prints and originals.

John-Wonders-Wonders-Woodworks-Carolyn-Wonders-Art-Custom Fine Art Framing.png
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