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“Most of us think angels have wings, but the lucky know that they have paws.” Unknown author. 


Most of my life animals were my refuge when I didn’t fit in with people. My pets have always checked the “boxes” on the belonging checklist. My dog and I understand each other with no explanation needed. We both act in ways that validate the other, and we always give each other plenty of recognition and appreciation. Given this, it’s certainly no surprise that animals, especially dogs, have been the subject of many of my paintings. The KK refers to my nick name from childhood, one of many.


My Angels Collection is a series of whimsical pet illustrations in a realism style. These are digital illustrations, using an Apple pencil in Procreate, an app that artists use to draw on a tablet screen. When I draw with pencil on paper or Apple Pen on Procreate, I lull myself into a meditative state like no other. My brain waves must change because I am quite content to sketch away for hours on end, similar to what many feel when they practice needle point, or knitting. Enjoy the results of my serotonin high, and come back for more.

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