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The Goddess Collection started with a mural on my studio wall. I wanted to create something that reflected how I was feeling as an artist. I also wanted a gigantic reminder of my worthiness to express who I am through my work, because, well, don’t we all need something like that? Though it’s not a self-portrait per se, it’s a portrait of a mind that is shedding the past and opening to a new creative life.


When she was complete, I asked some friends what to name her, curious how they would respond. Goddesses were abundant, but the word Bloom hit me right in the chest… While the title Blume could be considered cliché when looking at a painting of a woman with flowers coming out of her head, it was the perfect description for what has been happening to me since I’ve started painting again.


The second portrait in the series, Her Spirit, is named after someone I love dearly. She is fierce and badass, yet vulnerable and naïve. When Her Spirit, was finished, a dear friend exclaimed, “You are painting Goddesses lately.” I agreed. This is how the Goddess Collection was born. Stay tuned for additions to the Goddess Series.

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