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Portraits are the foundation of my training as an artist and the very soul of my practice. I was studying the bones in the face and doing busts out of clay in high school. It was exciting to try and capture an entire human being in a few lines during life drawing class in college before the professor shouted “Switch”. Now, so many years later, I know I will never not be a portrait artist, even though my interest in different genres is infinite.


Some of the portraits in this collection are commissioned, some are portraits of family members, and others are portraits I have painted from professional photographers who offer their beautiful work, royalty-free, to artists for reference. This collection is quite large and diverse in media. It includes both digital illustration in Procreate and acrylic paint on canvas. Some are full paintings, and others are quick sketches. Take a look then drop me a line and let me know your thoughts. Come back often to see new paintings.

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