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In a world today that appears to be going to hell in a handbasket, I believe it’s morally imperative to move past our divisive politics and hostile religious wars to focus on love, generosity, justice, and fairness, qualities we are born with. Manipulative politicians and the rise of narcissism are twisting these most sacred and simple concepts into hate, wealth hoarding, bias, and bigotry. When children are houseless and getting shot at school, when half the population has no autonomy over their own body, when big pharma gets a slap on the wrist after addicting millions, and when people of color face fear for their safety while jogging down the street, we’ve got problems to address. We must first wash the dirt from our eyes and walk a mile in another’s shoes to get outside our echo chambers.


This collection is a result of a catharsis of sorts. A place to unleash my deep sadness and anger from my firsthand experiences with manipulation and sexism, as well as witnessing countless ignorant and hate-filled encounters inflicted upon my friends, children, siblings, mother, and grandmothers. More paintings coming soon. Stop by again.

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